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Interior Painting can become a much more detailed process then exterior painting. Not only are we working inside someone’s home, but the results will also be viewed constantly, and up close, day in and day out!

prepare interior walls for painting

Prepare Surfaces

Protect Home with plastic and tape for painting


a person staining a fireplace mantle

Attention To Detail

2 painters using a ladder to paint a high wall


A person using a power sander on a wood floor

The Right Tools

Service Pro

Our Process

A Detailed Inspection – the first step Service Pro Painting and Improvements does is begin with a detailed inspection of all surface areas; reviewing holes, peeling drywall and areas that might need extra attention. We also have to make sure that all surfaces are clean and ready for paint, so we can plan accordingly. We can then give a detailed plan as to what needs to be done!

basement floor covered in plastic ready to paint
High Ceiling prepared for painting
Protection – We begin by removing any objects or furniture that might either be in the way of painting or could be in harm of the painting process. Then we protect your floors and the area using clean drop sheets and plastic covers. We then tape and paper surfaces to protect all counters, mirrors, and ceiling lights.  If needed, window coverings will be used as well.
Prepare Surfaces – All repairs and surface preparation will be completed first and be inspected before painting begins. This includes any reapairs to drywall, and caulking that may be needed.
Painting – With color approved and tested by the customer, all primers will be applied to the walls and/or ceilings and finish coats will be applied after proper drying time.
Cleanup & Final Inspection – After we finalize the painting, our interior painters will remove all garbage, empty paint cans, and other debris from your home. All objects will be placed back in their proper order. Our crew leader will carefully inspect the completed interior painting job to ensure it meets our high-quality standards.
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