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Staining Your Deck

Finished Deck

With summer here in Grand Rapids, plenty of time will be spent on outdoor decks and patios. But with our lovely four season weather we get, those decks can take a beating! Stained wood decks are beautiful, but they do need to be cleaned and restained from time to time. There are 4 basic steps to staining a deck

  • First Step - figuring out if your deck actually needs re-staining. If the stain still repels water, the old stain is working. You may just need a good cleaning and come back next year.
  • Second Step - if it does need to be stained, it still needs a good cleaning. You need to take care of mildew stains, dirt, debris and any contaminants that have worked their way into the wood. Then let it dry.
  • Third Step - Choose the right stain. You basically have 4 choices:
    • Clear Stain
    • Semi-Transparent
    • Semi-Solid
    • Solid
  •   Fourth Step - Apply the stain, but don't over apply it, one good coat is usually enough.

With time and patience, your deck can look beautiful, but if you would rather have a professional do it, give us a call! Our team at Service Pro Painting and Improvements can get your deck looking great in no time!

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