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Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Kitchen Cabinets: Re-Paint Instead of Replace!


Those old cabinets in your kitchen, at one time they looked great, and were in style, but really need an update now... Usually people put off this project, because the cost of replacing your kitchen cabinets can be astronomical!

But there is another solution - repaint everything instead! With a fresh coat of paint, and some new hardware, those "old" cabinets, can look brand spanking new! And cost wise, this comes in far lower than replacing everything. And if you also repaint the kitchen itself, Voila! A dramatic change!

While you are at it, the interiors of the cabinets can be reconfigured as well:

  • new shelving systems
  • slides
  • spice racks
  • shelf liners
  • Lazy Susans
  • etc.

Sometimes, all it takes is a little imagination, and a fresh coat of paint, and that kitchen will look great again!

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