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Why You Should Consider Power Washing

So it is finally spring here in Grand Rapids and all that snow melting away revealed what our harsh winter has done to our sidewalks, walkways, retaining walls and of course the exterior walls of our homes and businesses. We get it all here - It gets really hot, really cold, really wet and then really dry. Power washing your home is one of best ways to get rid of mold, mildew and stains on your home’s brick/wood patio or vinyl siding.


There are different opinions on power washing and whether or not it is bad, good or somewhere in between. Really, it is not whether it is good or bad, but more importantly, who is doing the job. Hiring a professional that understands different methods of pressure washing is a good thing. The use of non-toxic chemicals in conjunction with soft pressure washing can avoid damage.

Service Pro Painting and Improvements can power wash your roof, siding (wood and vinyl), decks, and driveway. Whether you’re thinking about re-staining your deck, painting your home, or refinishing your driveway, pressure washing will prepare the surface better than any other cleaning process or solution.

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