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    Painting the exterior of a house is much more then just painting. Service Pro Painting and Improvements have developed a process that is a proven method for a longer lasting paint job.

    Our Process

    Pressure Washing – Surfaces to be pressure washed by our experienced personnel using a pressure washing unit capable of at least 2500 psi using a 40 degree tip to prevent damage to surfaces. We will pressure wash around doors, windows and vents to prevent water infiltration. Soiled and chalky surfaces must be treated with a TSP solution. Areas with mold or mildew must be treated with bleach solution. Protection of plants when using cleaning solutions is standard for us. Surfaces will be allowed time to dry before painting preparation begins.

    Scraping and Sanding – Inspection of all surfaces to be painted to determine if existing paint is no longer adhering to the surface. Lifted edges or bubbles must be scraped and loose paint removed by scraper until hard edge are reached where paint is firmly adhering. Except on rough surfaces (rough sawn cedar), sanding can occur to promote adhesion of primer/finish coat.

    Priming – Any bare substrate exposed by pressure washing, scraping or sanding will be primed using Sherwin Williams slow dry alkyd primer to ensure penetration and adhesion. Primer will be tinted within manufactures specified parameters before top coating. Knots and pitch streaks will be scraped, sanded and spot primed.

    When approaching every project, it's important that all the proper steps are taken to ensure a quality job. We take pride in our work and ensure that from start to finish, we work to do our best. This includes paying close attention to details and taking the time to consider the little steps before beginning the job.

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    Caulking – Inspection of previous caulked gaps, remove failing caulk and recaulk. All gaps of any width in horizontal joints where moisture can penetrate will be caulked. Laps in other horizontal joints will be inspected and discussed before finish coat is applied. Gaps in highly visible areas that unsightly will be caulked.

    Board Replacement – Service Pro Painting and Improvements understands failing or rotting wood may repairs. We offer a wide range of services including wood repair and replacement. We offer trim repairs, siding repairs, soffit repairs, door replacement and repairs.

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    Services Include: Interior Painting, Exterior Painting. Exterior Staining, Scraping, Caulking, Deck Painting, Deck Staining, Exterior Trim Painting, Exterior Siding Painting, Priming, Wood Repair and Replacement, Pressure Washing. Window Cleaning. Home Repairs (including Siding, Trim, General Remodeling)

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