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Fixing DIY Painting disasters

Secrets of Pro Painters 

aka what you didn't know before that DIY paint disaster...

We live in a DIY age, where with the help of a few Youtube videos, we can all be brain surgeons... When it comes to painting a house, whether it is the interior or exterior, sometimes you can do it yourself, but sometimes, you should probably leave it to the pros... 

Some of the most common mistakes we run into:

  • Not moving everything out of the room
    • Some of the bigger items, like couches and beds can sometimes be worked around if they are properly covered and moved away from the surfaces to be painted. But everything else must go! Especially if any sanding will be involved, as the dust can get into everything
  • Not preparing the surfaces properly
    • You have to find, and then fix, cracks and dents. A new paint surface, especially if you use any glossy paints, will highlight those imperfections you missed... 
    • Sanding the old surface. Sometimes you need to "scratch" the old surface, to give the new paint something to bond to. If you just paint over  an old surface, you risk the new paint just peeling off easily. Know when and how this must be done. 
    • Wash the surface to be painted. If you did sand, you can't apply the new paint to the dust you just created...
    • Properly caulk and seal cracks. again, these will really show up after the new paint job, if not taken care of properly
  • Use the right primers and paints. Every surface is different, and interior paints and exterior paints are different as well. Make sure you use the right paint for the right environment. And that "bargain" paint you saw on sale... might not be a good choice long term. Use quality paint.
  • Use the right equipment. Good brushes, good rollers, good ladders. This is not a good time to skimp on the equipment you use

And it goes without saying, but practice and repetition go a long way to making a paint job look good. Some people are naturals, and do a great job of painting. Other people, should probably just leave it to us!

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